A Zombie a Month: November

After much musing on and sketching ideas for, I've decided not to just fix up the old jungle explorer cannibal dinner prop, but make it a complete do-over.

I thought about changing him to a chef or a pilgrim or a witch, but not every zombie has to be a unique personality. In this case I'm going to make the cauldron the character and change the zombie to a simpler fun detail just peeking out of the wretched brew.

My hope is this becomes a set piece complimenting the wall hanging witch crash prop and create a themed area for her in that part of the Halloween display. Maybe adding a table in there of some kind with her spell books, potions and an embarrassed looking black cat familiar spirit.

The challenge here will be taking the original cheap-o plastic party store cauldron and making it "real" looking. I want to add some custom made handles and a decent paint job so it seems like actual cast iron. The burning logs and embers underneath will get attention to detail as well.


  1. I'll be following closely, so I can steal your ideas! LOL

  2. If you want the cauldron to look old and a little crusty, here's what you do: use a old crappy brush to apply Great Stuff foam like paint, in small doses, and then spray paint the cauldron black. You can also sand the cauldron first, to give it a more cast iron texture. Hope this helps!

  3. Screaminscott,
    if you use any, send pics to dcldesigns@aol.com, love to see.

    Very good tips. So many different ways to weather things. Always fun to experiment with. I'm on a kick gluing on real dirt for aging.

  4. I'm currently giving my cheapo black caldron the "Dave Lowe" treatment. Would love to know how you did the green stew. Can't find any reference to it here yet.....I eagerly await instructions.