Halloween Prop Challenge Contest

A few weeks back, niece Devin handed me a used soda bottle with a scrolled note stuck in it...

The note read...
click to enlarge

The little 8 year old gave me a prop challenge! While I figure out what I'm going to do, I thought this might be fun to include all the Halloween prop making folk who read this blog.

Prizes: Grand prize winner gets their name and cartooned image of prop featured in the Oct 31st Para Abnormal cartoon. 1st through 3rd place winners and all honorable mentions get bragging rights!

The Rules: Take an ordinary 12oz. soda bottle and as niece Devin wrote...

"Make something that will be creative like a poshin or drink.
Just something spooky and fun!" 

No restrictions past that, except... please keep it in the PG-rated ballpark. Anything I deem crude or vulgar, just to be crude and vulgar without Halloween fun will be disqualified. Once done, e-mail me a photo of your entry (dcldesigns@aol.com) or comment on this post linking your entry if posted on your blog, flicker page etc.


All entrants must be okay that their images will be posted here through the month as they come in for the fun of it and creative inspiration to all.

Judging: Niece Devin will be the sole judge (my entry will be excluded). The winner will be announced on Halloween Day!


  1. Dave, Devin, this sounds like a fun challenge. I will post about this at the Countdown to Halloween blog on Thursday morning.

  2. I am in on it! I have the technology! Thank you for involving all of us!

  3. Hee!! Sound like lots of fun. I will get working on it next week!!


  4. Does it have to be consumable or can it be just something decorative made out of the bottle?

  5. Kathryn
    Anything you want it to be.

  6. heh heh definitly something worthwhile to get me in the halloween spirit. And boy do I have a good idea for a edible and non-edible potion. "Boil, boil, toil and trouble. Cauldron burn and potion bubble!"

  7. Here's the bottle I made. . . Hope you like it Devin!