O'Treaty's Pumpkin

Making a new Halloween prop like Patrick O'Treaty is fun, but sometimes just re purposing and making a fix to an old prop can be the most creatively satisfying. Such as the old faux pumpkin I'm using to sit on the post next to O'Treaty.

This guy's been around forever. He was a carve-able foam one I picked up a Micheal's back in 2003 or 2004 to use as a scarecrow head for a Halloween party decoration at my Fiancee's condo. I had painted his innards black to try and hide the post supporting it.

He bounced around unchanged and made it into more than a few Halloween yard displays. I always hated the stubby stem, and last year, in haste, I attempted to improve it by gluing on twisted, green painted paper. Cute, but eh.

While fixing him up this year... fresh paint (even making his innards yellow again), repairing cracks and adding some teeth with Model Magic, I finally sculpted a bit better stem. It's just a small detail, but felt good to make.


  1. Wow.... what a makeover! Hope you're going to start giving Spouse Seminars -- the only thing I can get my DH to do with a pumpkin is toss it in the compost November 1. Sigh.


  2. Stem looks awesome! It's so cool to see your old props refurbished into something new! That would pass for a real pumpkin now!

  3. Letting you know you've got another reader! Loving your work- your blog's feed is in my mail account so I can get updates when you post. Can't wait to see more!!!

  4. Wow, looks amazing, as your stuff always does. Did you use model magic to create the stem?