71 Days 'til Halloween: Monster Eye Evolution

Most ideas start with a sketch. The first incarnation of this prop was a smaller creature made in 1996 (I know I have a picture of, but still looking for). This doodle was well after that creation depicting the ideal version.

Halloween 2000. Pressed for time, I went with a clunky robotic looking neck.

Halloween 2004. A makeover which fell apart shortly before being finished. A pity because it was looking far closer to the original concept.

Halloween 2006. I went Great Stuff foam crazy. It was planned to be part of a larger radioactive dump idea with many more canisters strewn about, but never happened.

Halloween 2007. Dressed it up with ivy and placed in a garden pot. Actually turned out looking pretty good especially adding a few more potted plants around him.

Halloween 2008. Moved the monster eye idea into a window becoming a cool illusion that it follows you. For details on that, click here.

The eye took a break in 2009. Halloween 2010? I'm thinking about combining the original idea with the moving eye illusion version creating a new character. We shall see.


  1. I LOVE seeing how props evolve over time
    this one's lots of fun

  2. I love the evolution of this prop.

  3. HI Dave,
    I have no idea if your will get this but I hope you do. I belong to a Facebook Group (Rainbow Loom Murals and Pics) whose members make fabulous art from rubber bands (a la Rainbow Loom) but much, much more sophisticated. As a joke, I sent the admin of the Group a photo of your 2007 Halloween Mike Wazowski "plant" and challenged her to recreate it in rubber bands, never dreaming that she would actually take me up on it. But she has, so I was wondering if you would give us permission to recreate your fabulous design in rubber bands (and maybe the plant from Little House of Horrors, too.) If this is OK with you, please send me an email at cegeiger@comcast.net as soon as you can. We would, of course, credit you for the design in any rendition of the finished product (video or photo). Thanks so much, Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheryl Geiger.

    1. Yes, go for it, send me pics. Love to see.

  4. I love it its awesome! I was just curious about the materials you used that kept it from getting messed up outside? We get rain and wind here and my projects keep falling apart.