Budget Prop Making: Seeing Things Differently

Sure, this looks like an ordinary 50 cent, bargain bin spool of thread.

But I see it as locks of hair for a zombie pirate skull and a potential laser pistol targeting sight.


  1. You are a genius! That is just cool!


  2. how did you do that? did you do anything special to it to make it look like hair? thats awesome!!

  3. Crafty M.

    No, did nothing special, just looped around my hand un-spooling the whole roll and cut the loop... instant locks of hair. Great for doll making.

  4. Thats amazing. i would have never thought that sewing thread would look so much like hair!! thank you so much. im in the works of making my own halloween display. im doing a creepy apothecary diplay. using empty jagermeister bottles, ginormous wine bottle filled with water expanding snake thingies and stuff like that. now i have another cool idea...hair of a zombie...or may be hair of the dog that bit me..lol ( i have another play one..tears of the willow.. get it weeping willow..hardy har har) anyways. thank you so much for your inspiring blog and great ideas...( sorry to ramnle)