128 Days 'til Halloween: Franken-Switch (Part 1)

Alright, time to stop thinking about ideas and switch to some actual prop making by making an actual switch. I want to add more decor and really flesh out (pun intended) the annual front porch Frankenstein theme. Below are a few doodles of what I'm thinking. This is going to be the weekend project and hope to post few updates on it along the way.


  1. On the lower drawing there is a faint sketch on the bottom left. At first, I thought it was a face. Then I noticed that the darker main drawing looks like a square face as well...the eyes where the wires connect, the pull down switch nose, and the almost grimace of the indicator needle mouth. If it were tweaked a little, made a little more suggestive of an actual face, in the dark leading up to your door it would give chills to a trick-or-treater like me who is not mechanically inclined, but scary-face sensitive. Maybe..?

  2. Did not notice that Victoria. Hmmmm, this might alter things. A fun idea, if not for this piece, another Franken-tech gizmo for sure.