Sketchbook: Grave Thoughts

Well, it's that time of year when I really begin thinking about new ideas for the Halloween yard and considering I'm almost always thinking about haunted decor for the front lawn (even on Christmas Eve), that's saying something.

As the wheels turn, I also get frustrated with myself because there are so many ideas from the past left unrealized, old props needing makeovers and all are always more than my time and budget will allow.

Then again, what is Halloween if not a great reason to let the imagination have fun. So with that in mind, I doodled up yet another possible character for the yard (and play with my new Sakura pigma brush marker).


  1. wow! that would be one fantastic prop! I'd love to see that one realized!

  2. Great idea! He has a very organic look to him. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Have you ever considered asking for donations to help pay for upkeep and new props? Your house sounds like it's the talk of the neighborhood, and I'm sure folks would be willing to dish out some coins to see things progress/improve.

  4. Thanks, Pam and Dave!

    Trader Sam, sure I've thought about asking for donations, but I wouldn't, somehow would take away from the fun spirit of the season for me. At least at the size my haunt is now.