Halloween '10 - Sinister Saint Novena Candles

Awhile back on my web comic, Para Abnormal, I did a series of Saints whose patronages where strange, somewhat sinister and very true (click here). I decided these guys needed their own novena candles to include in my Oct. 31st decor.

I chose two cartoons from the series perfect for Halloween...

Thankfully, living in Los Angeles, novena candles can be found almost everywhere and actually bought mine at the corner mini market for $1.50 each. The original cartoons needed tweaking to be candle ready. Using Photoshop, I got rid of the captions, elongated the panels and adjusted the size overall...

Then I printed on vellum, flipped the computer image and printed again on the back of the same vellum sheet. This helps to keep the colors saturated and not washed out from the flame back light. After cutting out I just glued on the glass. Want to make your own? Feel free to click on the "candle ready" cartoon panel above to enlarge and swipe it. Just keep my credits on there is all I ask.

IMPORTANT: the labels won't hold up well to extended heating from the candles if left lit for a very long period of time. There may be warping, even browning. Glue them down well and far below the glass lip. A good general rule I follow... never leave candles burning out of sight!


  1. those are awesome! I am a collector of the Saint candles. You can never have enough.

  2. So cool, Dave! Nice!

  3. where can I buy these?

  4. LOVE these!!!! I am going to make these from scratch out of soy wax! General Wax is where the supplies can be bought if you live in the LA area!

  5. Here are the candles I made using your design. I hope you like them.

  6. Great. We are doing Novena Candles at my next gathering, and love the idea of "unusual" saints.