Labor Day Project: The Windex Strikes Back

The Star Wars toy display cleaning went well. If there is a neat and tidy center to the universe, these shelves were the farthest from.

Before...and this is after I had already removed many of the toys.
Progress..."Dune Sea" barren for a nice fresh start.

After...did you know you can vacuum a Bantha? Well, you can.
Why was this a whole Labor Day weekend project? Each one of those figures, vehicles, light sabers, blasters, stands, etc. were hand washed, dried and of course, had to be posed just right. All the while looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes making sure none of my neighbors can see what I dork I'm being. I still have a few more characters to add plus numerous accessories to distribute correctly. I applaud Hasbro's attention to detail, but curse them as I go cross-eyed examining blue light saber hilts to sort out which is Obi Wan's and which is Luke's.

Regrettably coming soon, still two more movie toy shelves to tackle on another wall in the collection cleaning trilogy.


  1. WOW Dave this is so perfect but you really need these to be behind glass otherwise you will have to clean them again in another ???? how many years?

  2. Impressive. Most impressive.

  3. I love your OCD behavior. It makes me feel perfectly normal.
    HAHAHA! I began my own 'clean-out' project last night, and this morning it looks like my sewing/craft room has been through a tornado. Tonight I will put up some of my own photos of obsessiveness.

  4. you need a nice glass case for yourself. :) Am I not helping? I'm just jealous. I would KILL to have my original 1970s GI Joes back. And I still haven't forgiven my mother for THROWING AWAY my massive collection of WWII plastic army men from Airfix.

  5. That has to be one of the coolest displays I have ever seen. Wow! Amazing.


  6. Great before and after shot!

  7. Damn, I totally get it Dave! Awesome collection! We don't collect figures but we are die hard Star Wars fans. Our daughter even had a Star Wars wedding in 2001, full costume at the Space Needle in Seattle, Seattle Star Wars society provided the security force in costume, et cetera. Very cool and believe me, ALLLLL the neighbors saw what dorks WE were! It was on the news! ;0)

    **A side note: Did you know that your blog posts are being rebroadcast in their entirety on this blog: Thought you might want to know about it. I just found out that mine are on there. Some people.......**