100 days until Halloween

...and 100 days until harvesting, at least according to the seed packet.

I've had less than mediocre success growing these guys in the past, getting only one or two good pumpkins per season, despite having several vines planted. I don't mind though. For me, it's more about the fun of seeing the growth as a countdown to the holiday rather than ending up with too many Jack 'O Lanterns to carve. However, I sure won't complain if it does happen.

What's most important though is being eco-friendly, helping to make our Earth a little better adding to the garden. Now, I better get busy melting foam and spray painting... Halloween props don't make themselves.


  1. I've planted a few for the first time this year. And am eagerly watching their progress (or lack thereof). Good luck with yours :)

  2. You might not get pumpkins in time this year. I planted mine in July last year, and only had a couple of mediocre-sized green orbs. This year, I planted at the end of May. Hopefully, it'll work out this time.

    But, to stack the odds in your favor, make sure to feed them every 2-3 weeks with an organic fertilizer and WATER them! They suck both food and water down fast, as they grow quickly!

    Good luck! I hope I'm VERY wrong about your harvest date!

  3. We do it the easy way - our neighbor has a huge garden space, and always tries to grow us the biggest pumpkin possible every year in time for our party (the weekend before Halloween). He took me over there the other night to show me the itty bitty baby pumpkin that he thinks is going to be "ours" this year. :-)

    I have mini-pumpkins planted in our garden...white and orange ("Jack-o-Lantern", and "Baby Boo"). Hopefully we'll have lots of those to play with too.

    Good luck w/your growing!

  4. Dave,
    A nice idea but serisouly, if you want to grow giants, those should have been in the ground about 3 to 4 months ago. Check these out:


    Seeds: http://www.howarddill.com/

    I know a couple of these growers: http://vermontgiants.tripod.com/

  5. Yeah, I'm not expecting much this year and planted late. I wasn't planning on growing any this year. It was a spur of the moment thing. I happened upon the seed packet while cleaning and figured what the heck.

    I am trying to grow them in a new spot and going vertical for the first time...so if nothing else, a trial run for next year and I'll have some to use for Thanksgiving decor.