My Great Ghastly Garage: Gaps

Slow but steady. During spare time from work, I managed to create open gaps so I can actually get around inside the garage. This is a huge step forward...

Okay... sure, I just dragged most of the clutter into the driveway to do it, but it's still some kind of progress right?


  1. I've been watching the progress (and yes it is progress) online and am rooting for you to defeat the mess.

    For motivation, remember many people would kill for that workspace (says the woman with plaster on the edge of her diningroom table and paint splatters on the office floor).

    The space is begging to be a haven of projects and creation!

  2. With everything sitting outside like that it looks like it's time for garage sale..

  3. LOL Lisa and I are on the same wavelength.... I was going to ask you how many people stopped and thought you were having a ghoulish garage sale?!

  4. Ghoul Friday - Believe me, I know how that is. Many years building and making stuff on my living room floor in the past with no other space.
    I once had an apt with a chair that was fused to the carpet due to a paint gallon spill that dried.

  5. Lisa and Deb,
    Garage sale probable down the line. Thankfully, the space in in the back so all was not visible to passer-bys thinking there was a sale.

    Of course Jason and my coffin can be seen from the street over the gate, so for those who don't know I'm a big Halloween guy, I bet I'm getting a quite the rep.

  6. When you do the garage sale, I need to come and buy you out.

    Of course, you would have to balance the need for money versus the chance of inviting interweb stalkers to your home.

  7. Repeat after me: "Goodwill is my friend!"
    Of course, eBay and garage sales will help to fund your habit.
    You might also consider if you have some space in the rafters of that garage. We recently got some plywood (the large pieces are cheaper, and they'll cut them in half for free)and created some new space in our rafters, which has helped enormously! Also, OSH has some pretty nifty "hang your crap from the walls," stuff, too. And I'm sure a crafty guy like you could build another shed when you've gotten rid of as much as you can and you still have stuff left over.
    Keep going, my friend! Nothing can beat that smug feeling you get when you look into a tidy workspace and think of the lovely, creative mess you can make!

  8. When you've finished on the west coast and you'll be a clutter- cleaner-upper expert by then, will you come east and help your most wonderful aunt in the world clean up her shed????