Join me on a frightening journey...

into the darkest, most vile part of my world...the great ghastly garage.

For more than a few years I have attempted to turn it into a decent work space. It's come close on occasion with fitful attempts at cleaning and organizing. I usually end up just making a section usable as I'm surrounded by junk. Most often it's my "catch all" and remains a shameful secret.

I'm going to make the new attempt to transform it public as a series here on the blog. My hope is by making the process a journal, it will actually force me to really do it right for once. Along the way I'll share any treasures I uncover, lessons learned and maybe, just maybe inspire others who share my plight.

Be warned, this may get worse before it gets better...


  1. Awesome......I want to help..........take photos that is

  2. You never know what creating space will draw in... I got my potter's wheel, kiln, plaster table, and a few other things after cleaning out my third car garage. I look forward to what the vacuum will draw in for you.

  3. Shellhawk, I really hope above anything, the vacuum draws in more jobs, work and money.

  4. For a minute there I thought I was looking at my garage! : )

    Why is it we put everything but the car in the car hole?