A Werewolf Moon

It was 4 am. I woke up last night for no real reason and go to the kitchen for something to drink. I notice how bright and amazing the moon looked. Clouds moving past as if out of a werewolf movie. Next thing I realize, I'm standing barefoot in my backyard taking pictures of the sky. Growling and howling that I can't find the right exposure setting to really capture it.

The neighbors must think I'm a lunatic. Maybe I'll just tell 'em I've been cursed by an old Gypsy woman.


  1. Oh, your pix is so much better then the one I got. How kewl was it, tho?

  2. Grrrrrrrrrrrr I was growling about not being able to catch it right eirther. Thanks for sharing. PS I'm Leslie's friend from Colorado Springs. We knit together.

  3. Hi Dave, Apparently over those few days the moon was closer to earth than it will be again for many years, so there was something more to its eerieness!