My Niece's First Comic Shop Visit

You would think above everyone in the family, it would be my idea to take her to a comic book shop, but it wasn't.

Over the weekend, I wanted to visit a new store that opened in town. Having dinner with my Dad on Friday, I mentioned it. To my surprise, he said he wanted come along.

Then he paused and looked at me. I could see it in his eyes...a silent reality dawning that we were talking about a COMIC book shop. There has been a wonderful acceptance from my Father over the years towards my arrested development and love of all things geeky and dorky. At that moment though, I knew there was a line he couldn't cross and be comfortable. He needed a good reason to stand in a whole store dedicated to that culture with his fully grown son.

He smiled and said...

"Heeeey...we should bring Devin!"

And so that's how my Niece ended up getting to pick out her very first Marvel comic ...

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  1. Now you can BOTH look forward to the annual rite of Spring on May 2nd: