A Prop a Month...

...that's the plan.

One of the great joys to Halloween is it gives me reason to make stuff I've always wanted to make. Unfortunately I'm often distracted from working on things until the last few weeks before October. By then of course, my ideas are so many that certain ones have to be nixed, like my crashed UFO this year among others.

There's no good reason to wait till the season gets closer when it's too much fun to create for. Especially when I can take time to up the quality of my props and make them what my vision is. So look for monthly updates on these projects, a early countdown to 2009.

This Halloween I discovered many yard haunters go far beyond mere holiday decorating. They create temporary public art installations. The level of detail and quality is made all the more special in that it's only displayed for just a few weeks, in some cases, just for a few hours on Halloween day. This inspires me to no end. It really makes Halloween a unique and special holiday as one of the most artistically driven.

I'm putting together a long list of these inspiring homes and will post soon.


  1. Oooo... temporary public art installations...
    I may quote you on that.

  2. It seems we're on the same page. I'm not a fast builder, and really hate to rush. The goal is to start a prop after I get my home office finished (of course, a mad-complicated project, itself), and a sweater, and a hat,and then I can start my props...
    We'll see what reality brings...

  3. I love your UFO. Looks like Spaceman Spiff landed there! (And now I'm feeling nostalgic for Calvin & Hobbes comedy. Thanks!)