'08 Halloween Epilogue: The End

Here I end my well over a month long series of Halloween posts. I'm going to take a blogging break for about a week. Para Abnormal cartoons will continue daily so please visit if you haven't yet!

I've decided to keep the custom decor making creative flow going with Christmas. I'm planning on decorating a little more than our usual 2 strands of lights this year. Mainly because I believe the neighborhood thinks we're some weird cultists only into Halloween. I wanna assure them we have a less dark side.

I say goodbye to a fantastic Halloween 2008 by sharing a book written and illustrated by my Niece...


  1. Haha, our neighborhood thinks the same thing about us. I like it that way though, keeps the religious zealots and other bothersome people away. I begged my husband to let me keep some of our Halloween skulls outside just to add to the affect, but alas he wouldnt let me :) I'm working on convincing him to let me dress up some of our skeletons as Santa just so I can stick them on our lawn again. I get some sick thrill out of weirding our neighbors out.

  2. Just found your blog from Deco Diva Deb. Wow! I love your stuff. We own a garden center and I can't wait to use some of your Halloween ideas next year. I could sit and read your blog all day, but I need to get to work so I will be checking back often to get some great ideas. Thanks. P.S. Can I bring your neice home with me? She is too cute.