'08 Halloween #29: Web of Glue

I added one my old favorite store bought props today. It's a giant 3 foot spider I picked up almost 6 years ago. She's showing her age. The rubber skin is beginning to crack and peel exposing her soft foam innards. She'll need major TLC after this year.

I glued on some red faux crystals over her painted eyes this year. They looked great during the day catching the sun just enough giving her a little extra spark of "life". The big surprise was tonight seeing her from the street. They really shined in the under lighting almost looking electrical.

I used 1/8" nylon cord to make the web, drowning it in hot glue drips and blobs for extra cobwebbyness. I wanted to add more but after 11 sticks of glue and a cramping hand...I thought was good for today. Besides, I needed to take time to start making an unfortunate "Trick or Treater" for her web.

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