'08 Halloween #17: The Geek Gene

As the big day approaches Niece Devin is deciding on her costume this year. I'm both happy and sad that my geek gene might be inherited.

Will it be Princess Devin Organa...
(yea, I know it's Padme Amidala, but don't argue, she says it's Leia)

Wonder Devin...

Devin the Ursurper...

or Devin and the big British smile?


  1. Again no more playdates with Devin.

  2. The attitude for the "Usurper" one is dead-on...
    Split-screen this photo & the one with you as Conan. Yeah. It's hereditary.

  3. Megan and Megan,

    No more play dates like the Barbarian photo. Her attitude was more than a dead-on look. She also has dead aim with that sword as my shins and kneecaps will attest!

  4. That's cool... cute pictures! I have some on my blog of my son's past Halloween costumes. I was hoping he would be a zombie or something this year, but he wanted to be Darth Vader, so Darth Vader it is!

  5. LOL! Love her little Wonder Woman costume, perfect for the future geek gal!