'08 Halloween #15: The Hand of Capt. Hook

I haven't gone all out on the inside decorating in years but with niece Devin's Halloween party at our house, it inspires me too. I'm adding a "Museum of Oddities" to the dining room. I thought it be dark fun if some of the items were references to stories they know like Peter Pan.

What if someone caught that Crocodile and found his hand?

The hand is one of those joke arms you hang from your car trunk. It's been in my stash for years. I got rid of the cheap shirt sleeve stuffed with batting. I added a few washes of red and brown paint, also lightening the nails as well. The stump is stuffed with a paper towel ball and coated with blobs of hot glue, after cutting a jagged "bitten off" edge of course. The protruding bones are just two bits of a regular sized and a mini hot glue stick. I hallowed out the ends.

Painting on a tattoo and adding a toy ring gave it some pirate flair...


  1. Oh, man, that is so gross/great! All your doctoring really makes it. Love the bones especially.

  2. remember these are 6 year olds, don't make it too scary! Monica :)

  3. Thanks, Megan

    No, won't get too scary. I ran this idea by CEO: Devin on the phone the other night, she laughed and whispered "cool". I figure if stuff gets her approval, I'm good to go.

  4. That is the coolest. You've got one lucky daughter!

  5. Wow, your props are amazing!

  6. Hey, can I ask where you got the jar?


  7. Thanks Shawn and Todd!

    I actually got this jar at Target in the kitchenware dept. about a year ago. Don't know if they still carry them. I've seen similar ones at Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens & Things.

  8. Thanks for the help. I love your idea of a museum of oddities, I have many jars, but a museum sounds fun. I've been looking through my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books, they have some fun ideas for inspiration. What else are you putting in your museum?


  9. tip: when making any prop that requires "bones" I have gone to our local pet store and purchased "chew toy" bones, which, when painted and glued into place look great!.
    I have also use the chicken feet some pets stores carry, pained them black, strung them on fish line and make a creepy "wind chime" by adding bells and bones and other scary things that will rattle in the wind

  10. Love this!! I just found your site and am so inspired. This will be my first project. I have some ideas (only 2 others) for my own museum but have come to a hault. What were some ofyour other pieces or suggestions of cool ideas?


    1. Shannon, thanks. The collection is always growing. Since I did this one, I've added a lot more. See the "prop cabinet of curiosities" list on the right for any ideas you might of missed.