'08 Halloween #11

Work has begun on stuff for the yard in October. The plan/ideas have been finalized. Here are the latest sketches. Not my greatest art below, as I doodled fast without real thought to perspective or accuracy, but you get the idea. Click on images to enlarge.

The left side of the yard nearest the driveway will be the graveyard this year. I want the haunted tree to be it's centerpiece. They'll be a few new skeleton zombies. The spider will be back but filling a nook which has always been vacant in the past. I'm going to add a little "trick or treater" snack trapped in his web.

Tucked into the right corner of the yard I'm going to add a classic Witch at her cauldron. I'm playing with the idea of dressing up that edge of the house to be the front of her cozy little creepy cabin. Maybe a faux door and black cat in the window among other details.

With the ideas above plus ghosts in windows and a crashed UFO, I've got a lot to do. There are a few other plans but won't give it all away now. I want to have a few surprises to share in the coming weeks. From now on, the Halloween posts will spotlight the making of everything plus random bits of holiday inspiration and fun.