Peppermint Coffin

Instant creative gratification is nice. Here's quick little Halloween project I made last night in under a half hour. It's sort of a craft doodle while I watched TV.

Empty mint tin...

A little paint, some glued on leather shoelace pieces, a small cut-out drawn character and Count Mintula lives...

Outside of being a little toy- sliding the lid up and down, it serves no real purpose. I guess it might be good to keep a skeleton key in or your arsenic for when unwanted guests stop by.


  1. Dave,

    Great idea! I wish I had one. You could make some and sell them, I would think. At least make some for friends and give for presents!


  2. Cute!!! And I like your term "craft doodle".

  3. Cool little craft, Dave.

    I'm enjoying your Halloween countdown and can't wait to see the finished result this year.

    The Star Wars drawing was a real treat as well.

  4. I'd say they'd make a nice delivery system for party favors for a Halloween party.