2008 Halloween Countdown #8

A bit of Halloween inspiration (or anytime).

Disney artist, animator, designer, imagineer Marc Davis has always been one of my greatest influences. I could spend hours looking at his work. If you don't know who he is...you do know his work. He basically designed almost everything for the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here are some 1964 concept sketches of his for the Haunted Mansion. These are from a series of postcards I picked up at Disneyland and are framed hanging in my studio.


  1. Love the postcards! When I went there was precious little in the way of HM memorabilia. I have the poster, and a plaster wall plaque, which you can see here:

    but that's it. I bought the HM soundtrack CD from the ride on eBay awhile back.

  2. Oh those are AWESOME! My uncle was the head electrician on HM and POC when they were built. He took me on the ride and explained all of the gags, and I am STILL impressed!