2008 Halloween Countdown #7

Life sidetracked me from Halloween planning the past few weeks. But, I'm back to it and refocused. Shortly before the hiatus, I was still locking in a theme. Well, a decision has been made.

It's going to be an amalgam of all my ideas with a classic holiday theme. Two big reasons for this, tight budget, I need to reuse some older props and more so, I just love all the ideas. It's hard not to have a bit of everything.

Now, the real trick will be what got me thinking about the various themes in the first place, making it all tie together and less a random collection of props. If it's going to be a eclectic mix, then I'm going to push it all the way. I've mentioned this before, but I think the secret will be making the house a character as well. The master plan is still being worked up. In the meantime I've locked in 3 definites for the yard so far. Here a some quick Photoshop mock ups.

The crashed UFO on the roof is going to happen.

Spirits haunting the interior. The old "ghost bride" will work great standing in one of the windows and I plan to create some spooky friends for her as well.

We have 2 trees out front and they'll become characters.

Believe it or not, I've not given up on adding a touch of the "King Kong" idea. More on the final plan soon.


  1. Man, I can't wait to see what the final result looks like.

  2. that tree idea is great!!

  3. Thanks Ryan and Ted.
    I think this year will be fun and a bit selfish hoping to make some nice portfolio pieces while I'm at it.

  4. Hi, Dave !!
    I'm loving that tree idea too. Hope you plan to share your tips & tricks for creating that look because it's truly awesome. Kinda reminds me of these gnarly old trees that used to cast shadows across the ceiling of my room when I was a kid. When the wind got up the branches would sway and cause the shadows to move. It was pretty traumatic at the time but I'd love to share the scare (courtesy of your embelishments, of course).

    Good luck and keep on blogging !!


  5. Hi JJ
    Glad you like. I will be sharing the "how to" on this one...once I figure it out. It's a new idea for my yard this year, so it's in the experimental stage at the moment. I want to make it a big transformation and not just a eyes, nose and mouth you see offered at some decor or garden shops.
    Stay tuned, should have this complete in the next week.