History Channel Illustration

Thanks to the internet, I can sometimes find lost work I never made copies of for one reason or another. This is an illustration done in 2002 for the History Channel series MAIL CALL.

It's a screen grab from the trebuchet episode found on the channel's website, History.com. This depicts the 3 types of items often launched in battle: rocks, diseased animal corpses and pots of flaming oil.

It was never to be the final illustration. This was just a sketch I gave to the producer for approval. They liked it as it was. I never got a chance to make a nice copy. Life got busy and I forgot about it. It's now lost, I don't remember if I got the original back and can't find or the production company still has it.


  1. Can I tell you how much I'm enjoying the artfully draped entrails? Oh, and the lolling tongue?

  2. LOL, I never noticed that. My years of set dressing must have influenced me, making the gore "artfully draped".