2008 Halloween Countdown #3

Clean Slate.

I want a clean layout drawing of the house and yard to sketch my ideas over without having to spend hours drafting it. Here's a process I used on Outer Spaces and other projects when decorating or adding elements to an existing space. It's "down and dirty" but good for getting quick ideas on paper without needing light tables or art/drafting computer programs. I used Photoshop here but this can be done with an ordinary office copy machine.

I start with a photo of our house.

I make it grayscale, then increase the brightness and decrease the contrast so it's more transparent and washed out.

I print the image and outline the important elements.

I then scan it (or copy) and increase the contrast till it becomes black line art. Now I can throw this under some trace paper and sketch away (or make several copies drawing right on top)

The art above is rough but as it's just for me, it'll work. Time to get doodling ideas.


  1. this is a great idea...monica

  2. If you do the Indy Haunt, will it include Shia's Ford F-150 flipped onto its roof?
    There's an idea...a crash scene.
    Of course, you could make it into an alien invasion crash scene and that would be REALLY cool!
    Have a smoldering spaceship on the roof from an invasion gone awry with alien creatures scattered all over lawn in various poses, some still alive...and very angry.