Morphing Ghost Picture with LCD Photo Frame

Let the Halloween Projects begin! As a Christmas gift, I got a PANDIGITAL 6" LCD digital photo frame. I just got around to using it. It has a slide show feature dissolving from photo to photo and is easy to upload pictures directly from the computer. I experimented with it and now has become a new, favorite Halloween prop creating HAUNTED MANSIONesque morphing portraits.

I scanned a old family photo of my great, great Grandparents. Using the clone tool in Photoshop, I made a second version with their heads and hands gone. This size frame forgives some sloppy Photoshop being a small window (3"x 5 1/4").

That's it! I just uploaded them. There is a 5 second delay between PICS but the result is great and has so many possibilities. Here's a video of the effect...

I also drew my own rotting old man portrait and it also worked well. Again, I only did a before and after. I was impatient to see it work right away, but I'm planning to do one with numerous stages of slow decay which should be fun to see happen over a longer period (ala Dorian Gray).

Here's a video of this one...

The glass, matte and frame are removable but odd dimensions so it's not easy to switch out quickly with something more theme appropriate. Until I can really customize perfectly, I aged the matte with a wash of coffee and dry brushed the frame with dark brown acrylic.

The frame also has it's own remote control and you can upload MP3's to it. Your portraits can have their own theme music (or creepy voice?). It lends itself to a lot of ideas. I'm going to buy more of these frames by October. Especially a larger 15". I can imagine a spooky collection along the fireplace mantle come Halloween!


  1. Nifty idea!


    Gonna have to try that one out myself... ;)

    Haunting Regards,

    Charlton Colasont
    (AKA The Dread Zombie Charlton)

    Dread Manor

    Gilbert, Arizona

    Co-founder AZHSEA

  3. Thats a GREAT idea! I have a digital picture frame and i never thought of using it for that! Very Creative! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. We'll sell them at your Halloween party dressed as Michael Myers and Jason!!

  5. This is a great idea and I just might give it a go this year! I've featured this blog post on a page I've put together about Halloween Party Props ( for quite a while now and just thought to let you know about my admiration for this trick. Now I should check out some of your other Halloween stuff! Thanks again.

    Kind regards,
    Laura Schofield

  6. I've followed your blog for awhile, so when I came across this post (, I remembered you post. Seems they're copying your post. Thought you'd want to know.

  7. Everything you do is my favorite!