Behind..."Behind the Knits"

I've had fun, making fun of Vickie Howell on this blog. Her teams of lawyers have yet to find me. This blog has somehow evaded her giant boot of knitted steel crushing all who hamper her craft world domination.

She actually asked me to help create her "life story" video in conjunction with her new book KNIT AID. The idea was inspired while working on Knitty Gritty. Being a professional welder, Vickie often joked ...

"How did I get this job?"

The crew would laugh the hardy laugh of people who love steady paychecks. Totally delusional, Vickie believed she knew what she was talking about and wanted to tell her life story via YOUTUBE.

Vickie and I went back and forth writing the project while I also supervised the design and creation of the historic images. Using state of the art CGI motion capture, weeks were spent scanning actors so I could manipulate them as a digital characters into the final images you see.

A large part of the budget went to hiring the world famous 80's cartoon voice over actor, Andrew Wollman. You might know Andrew's face as the monster from the late 60's horror classic... MUTTON CHOPS OF BLOOD starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

I envisioned an epic equal to Lawrence of Arabia. Unfortunately, Vickie demanded the video be under 5 minutes because it's the longest she can pay attention to anything...

For more details on the video see Vickie's blog here.

The "Ritual Cults and Crafts" magazine cover above is from the yet to be released "Special Edition" knitter's cut of the video.


  1. I'm dying! This is great!! I'm totally sharing this with my knitter buds and on my blog -- hope it's okay (I'm linking back to this post).

    I found your blog through PumpkinRot's but had to stay after the "Don't buy this book" post. (Kudos to Vickie for having a great sense of humor. Just because of that I will buy the book.)

  2. Hey Melissa,

    I'm glad you liked the post. What a crazy blog world it is that you're a knitter and found my knitting humor (and working with Vickie Howell) via PUMPKINROT.

    Love of Halloween unites the world, LOL.

  3. Too funny for words! I found your blog through Ravelry! Keep up the fun times! Thanks, Bethany

  4. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!