Tomb Stone Polish

Want a quick, hour and a half killing procrastination project to avoid doing the 1001 things your supposed to be doing? Here's a "step by step" to read (adding more time to the your procrastination).

I've collected tons of odd bottles over time. I've started to remake them into a Witch's supply for Halloween.

1) Using polymer clay, I sculpted a medallion on a bottle just using a sharp pencil. I baked it on the bottle but I don't recommend this, I took the chance. The trick to not cracking the glass was baking it at a low temp. for a longer time till done ( I did remove the cork).

2) I then added wash after wash of watered down grey paint till it worked for me. The wash was important to allow the color to flow into the small details as thick paint would just fill them in and disappear. What's fun to discover here, at this small scale, is how your fingerprints in the clay add to the texture.

3) Once dry, I used a white prisma color pencil to highlight the details. It works like "dry brushing" but you have more control, especially with a small thing like this. Of course, then clean excess paint run off from bottle.

4) Finished when adding a murky looking oil in the bottle with food coloring and water.


  1. That's a cool look!

  2. This is fantastic.
    I will definitely give this a try at this year's Halloween!


  3. Great idea, I might have to do one of these! All you have to do now is dirty up the bottle for some character,
    Great Star Wars comic, too. I think we all did one of those.

  4. Wow this is great i gota try this and the book making not entirely for halloween but for the fun of having some creepy books

  5. Did the clay ever come off the glass? It seems to me that after it had been baked it would pop right off.

  6. About how low of a temp and for how long does it take to do this?