Do not buy Knit Aid!

I worked with Vickie Howell on DIY's Knitty Gritty. She's become a knitting icon and has a new book out now called Knit Aid.


She made my life a living hell. Here are some behind the scene TV secrets while working with her....

-Vickie never used the same knitting needles twice. A fresh pair was expected for every shot.

-Vickie would make the entire staff wear "witch" noses so she would be the prettiest person on set.

- Vickie's hands are not real. Close ups are actually computer animated replicas done months later in post production.

- Vickie would demand the producers sing "Greased Lighting" from the show GREASE for her amusement at lunch and fire any member of the crew who did not know the words in the demanded sing along.

- Vickie forced the art department to repaint the set to compliment her color fingernail polish that week.

- She gave the crew STARBUCK COFFEE gift cards as Christmas gifts one season but they were coded so you actually owed STARBUCK's money when you used them.

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  1. David,
    How many times have I told you that you are NOT to speak (or type) my name. The peasantry of your "valley boy" voice, tarnishes the purity of the very meaning of my birth title: Victorious!
    If you must address me, you may use "Dame Knittress" or "She Who Cannot Be Named". Is that understood? Good.

    This kind of insubordination reminds me of the time you tried to fool me with sub par knitting tools during a *crucial* scene. How hard is it to remember: NO WIRE NEEDLES, EVER?!