Halloween in May

I'm already thinking about Halloween, who doesn't in May right? Here's an illustration I've been working on based off an old sketch. It's still a work in progress...

I've also got a favorite new blog, www.pumpkinrot.blogspot.com. It's Halloween there all the time and really captures the spirit of the holiday.


  1. You should definitely add that as a design on 'Lowe Down Stuff' come late summer!!

  2. Hey Dave,
    Pumpkinrot - That's the site I sent you a few years back! I was wondering if you'd been watching his blog.
    Great stuff.

  3. Dave, I love this creation! I'm also glad to see you found Pumpkinrot. His work provides mucho mache inspiration for my props.

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on Facebook. My project you were inquiring about: I'm planting my own cornfield in my backyard. :0) It will be cut down come October and moved into my yard haunt.

    Talk to you soon. Keep up the fantastic Halloween imagery and thanks for blogrolling me on ParaAbnormal!

  4. Ted- might just do.

    Rene- yea you did tell me about, I forgot. THANKS!

    John- Growing a cornfield and using as Halloween decor is awesome! Glad you like my work as I do yours.

  5. I found your blog via Pumpkinrot, and am loving your reworked sketches! I love finding people who are thinking about Halloween in May (or April or July).