Open letter to the Fiancee.

My Dear Fiancee,

You enjoy making fun of my dorkness. Any given night can be spent in the living room as you team up with your Sister repeating something geeky I say in nerdy voices and tears of laughter. I've grown to accept this little torment.

I was cleaning out some boxes and well, well, well, laugh all you want.

Explain this...

Best wishes,


  1. So busted!!

  2. I was 14 or 15 at the time and completely lacking in sophistication or maturity. Also, my bff at the time was basically a female version of you. And I didn't even remember it existed until you found it in the garage. So there! Now stop bugging me and live long and prosper.

  3. 14 or 15 huh?...neat trick when the convention was in 1994.

  4. Are you trying to say that I am old? Well, I was still under the influence of a geeky friend - this time a guy who was also trying to get a job as a writer for one of the Star Trek series - so it was research, really. And just because I have my own tricorder and Uhura outfit doesn't mean I'm anything like you! That said, I will continue to make fun of you as the occasions arise. Which, as we know, are often. So there.

  5. That explains '94, yet I now must search through the other boxes to find the admitted 14 and 15 year old geekness...TEE HEE, I have the power now!

  6. P.S.

    Did you say you have an UHURA outfit?

    Huh, what, my head spinning 360 degrees.

  7. Live long and prosper Alessandra!