A future really good geek Valentine gift.

Tired of living toy collector lies come Valentine's day?

Tired of justifying the Jedi Aayla Secura action figure you bought the girlfriend one year is meaningful because the blue skin reminds you of her sad moods?

NECA toys is creating a series of PRINCESS BRIDE action figures. The bridge between toy loving geeks and the women they love is almost complete. An action figure of John Cusack holding a boom box above his head is needed.

Behold the first action figure that girls might actually like... THE DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS!


  1. Nice thought, but doesn't really cut it. Love, Monica

  2. "So, you don't like the gifts I get you?
    AS... YOU... WISH... !!!"
    Love that movie.
    Has worked its way inexorably into most things I say... especially: LIAR!!! with the accompanying old crone finger-pointing.