Recipe for a Good Agent.

A real life JERRY MAGUIRE story, sort of, without the love story plot and Cuba Gooding Jr...

My sister Megan was an agent for commercial photographers at a well known company. After 10 years she decided to move on and create her own company.
She declared her living room couch with a lap top computer as her agency headquarters and went to work.

That was LESS than a year ago. Her company is now an office on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills and has a large roster of established, top talent in the industry. It is CREATIVE 24 and the official website is up.

What makes Megan a great agent and her business a success? Here's the recipe.

Mix equal portions of these characters...

in a big bowl of heart, dedication and sentiment like this character...

Megan consulted me often for company name and logo ideas early on. She trusted my brilliant design sense and complete knowledge of hip current trends. In the end, she decided to play it safe and not go with my dynamic, unique, cutting edge idea...


  1. Did she reject it solely for the extraneous apostrophe on 'Artists"? Cuz otherwise I don't see a problem with that name.

  2. Andrew,
    Your comment has awakened my dormant sense of perfectionism. I had to revise and add the apostrophe in "Artists". For those just tuning first image was missing it.

  3. ...and yea, I did not see the problem with that name either!