You know you have a toy collecting problem...

when your 5 year old niece becomes a STAR WARS enabler. She made me these great crayon & scotch taped together cut outs of Luke and R2 to put in my display.

The geek I am loves her for being movie specific...she made Luke Skywalker from RETURN of the JEDI in the dark clothes and wearing black gloves. This was the movie from the trilogy we watched together one afternoon a long time ago in a neighborhood not so far away.

The geek I am also notes...Luke's hair is more Anakin Skywalker from REVENGE of the SITH. Devin said it was Luke so I'll accept her artistic interpretation. I'll correct her years from now in High School when she could care less and be embarrassed because I'm the dorky Uncle.


  1. She is so talented. I know R2 only has one eye, but the color does go between red and blue. So she makes two eyes, one red one blue. It is a wonderful post modern deconstruction of R2 D2.

  2. These are great, and look so good with your other memorabilia. Love how graphic her R2 is.
    Looks as though you have yet another artist in your clan!

  3. She is talented (I am biased though).
    I forgot to mention, she pointed out to me she added Luke's lightsaber hanging on his belt. It's taped on so I can take it off and put in his hand if I want. As is every part of him...head, arms, he's poseable.

  4. I think it is time to introduce her to the wonders of velcro!

  5. Monica-
    let's let Devin master coloring inside the lines before we reveal the entire secrets of the creative universe.

  6. I am not saying we introduce her to duct tape, just velcro.