Old Comic Book Stuff (1988)

This was one of those projects that started strong, got rolling and faded away. Back in 1988 I was working at Aaron Bros. Art Mart. One of the other starving artists working there was Andy. He was a comic book fan like me. He wanted to create the next great comic franchise. Everyday he would talk ideas about a superhero team based on the signs of the zodiac. I got caught up in it. I penciled the first 8 pages or so.

I don't remember much of the story now, but these pages involved... two renegade alien scientists that are on the run with "secrets to the universe". A larger, more powerful alien race is trying to stop them. They escape to Earth where they select a group of humans. Each will be given a special power based on the horoscope to protect the "secrets to the universe".

The original art is lost, these are scans from some old copies I have. Click on images to enlarge.

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