Flashback Friday - Evel Knievel

My brother just e-mailed me with the news that Evel Knievel died today. Ted just wrote the word...


It's the perfect word.

As 70's kids, we used that word all the time.
As 70's kids, Evel Knievel was a living breathing superhero.
As 70's kids, for Ted and I, very few were as cool as him.

He was sooooo 70's...

Knievel's stunts were big TV events. I remember waiting days in excitement to watch ABC Wide World of Sports for the weekend when they would air... LIVE ...the jumping of Snake Canyon in his rocket cycle.

The Knievel stunt cycle was a must have toy at Christmas. Ted and I spent hours creating incredible stunts and making ramps just like in these commercials...

Looking back with 40 something eyes... he was a overblown, cheesy, self absorbed, showman and daredevil. Then again, a recent generation of kids have guys who launch bottle rockets from their butts as daredevil heros.

Ted and I were lucky to be 11 and 9 years old when Knievel was the coolest. He really was one of a kind. It is a bummer.


  1. I put more hours in on that stunt cycle than all other toys combined. Dave - what's the name of that toy store right next to Nate's Coffee Shop??? They sell that retro-re-packaging of the bike - gonna pick up a couple of 'em and we'll play all christmas day!!!!

  2. I remember being really jealous that some kid down the street got the Knievel Chopper cycle. Do you remember who it was?

  3. It was either one of the Reynolds or Hulsebosch's.