Sunday Sketchbook

I've been using the same kind of sketchbook since high school. The black covered, CACHET CLASSIC ( 8"x 11") . My Aunt Ellen gave me my first one. Which has been sadly lost somewhere in my travels. I've saved every one since. They're my visual journals. I can recall smells, feelings, places and people in my life in every doodle. Some books I have filled in a month or two, others have lingered for a year or more. Some are only half used. They become chapters in my life and I find a need to start fresh with a new book. I've been slowly trying to restore many of the older ones over the past week or two.

I'm not guarded about their contents. I love letting folks look through them. Sometimes, artist friends come to a blank page and ask if they can draw something. Always fun to see what they do. I've re discovered many "guest" appearances like old friend, Henry Sato. We met while working together at Aaron Brothers Art Mart in the late 80's. Henry went on to be an animator at Walt Disney. One afternoon he came over to visit. He was working on ALADDIN at the time.

His doodles in my sketchbook that day...

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