The Reality of Reality TV: 2nd season #3

So you want to work in the art dept. on a TV show? What things should you have in your arsenal? Here's all the stuff you need to handle any creative situation that might come up...

That's it, that's all you'll ever have to keep handy.


  1. I was so on board with you there, then you HAD to go and bring in the bust of Beethoven! Grrr!

  2. Goo Gone and Duct Tape, 'nuf said.

    Your right, goo gone and duct tape are important to an Art dept. arsenal, I should of added. LOL. Ya know, I might just post a real mentor like list of things a art dept. person should have in their toolbox. It will of course be written in retrospect including things I always forget to bring.

    If you don't have a Beethoven bust...get one now! It's that important.

  4. I'll get right on it! (Actually, there's a woman at the flea market who's got a bust of SOMEBODY. Not sure if it's Beethoven or not, but it'll do in a pinch!)

    I'd also add: twine, string, fishing line, picture wire, picture hangers, plate hangers, thumb tacks, straight pins, safety pins, scotch tape, foam tape, packing tape, staple gun, elmer's glue, fabri-tac, Ultimate glue, glue gun, cup hooks, eye hooks, screws of varying lengths, penny nails - galvanized nails.
    Don't know if you use all of those; I know I do!