Form over Function

A couple of years back with the help of friends Andri, Damon and Jason, I converted the shed/storage room off the garage into a small home office/art studio.

We put up drywall and installed a door to connect it to the garage, so I could do really messy work in there.

It's a great space except for one thing...I replaced the dirty ceiling panels with corrugated tin sheets for a cool look. Not so cool when it's 100+ outside. I built an oven.

When we put the ceiling in, It was a rainy winter so it was quite comfortable. Come summer I realized my mistake. Last summer I got a portable air conditioner and that was OK. This summer has been fairly mild so just a fan was perfect... until this week. Guess what broke down when I went to plug it in? UGH.


  1. Are you going to have to put in something different? It is kind of funny though - the oven part. I worked in a restaurant once where the ceiling was metal tile - supposed to look old timey - and it got really loud!

    No roasted Dave for me, thanks.

  2. Are you planning on any side dishes to go along with you as the main course?
    My sister is in Anaheim and her landlord won't allow a/c to be turned on! Like: whaaaaa?!?