Saturday Morning Video

I love the Internet for finding proof that many of my hazy memories did happen. When STAR WARS first opened and took over the world, it was everywhere. I remember being excited to see DARTH VADER, C3PO, R2 and CHEWBACCA as guest stars on the DONNY AND MARIE SHOW one week. I also remember thinking how painful it was to watch.

You have to see this just for Kris Kristofferson as Han Solo, Redd Foxx as Obi Wan and Darth Vader being Paul Lynde's straight man (no pun intended). This is a memory that should be recessed...


  1. Holy Moley....that brings back a lot of memories.....could of been worse....could of had some ewoks in there too.

  2. Ted, I'm so sorry I forced you to watch with me every TV show I thought was going to be great as kid's. I actually think the EWOKS would of made this better.