Halloween countdown #2

I've been doodling ideas for the lawn this year. The great thing about Halloween is it gives me an excuse to make stuff I've always wanted to. I think at least one 12' high H.G. Wells inspired Martian war machine might be needed. Haven't figured out how to make it yet, but I will.


  1. It's always great to find people that take decorating the yard seriously! Trick or Treaters never find cardboard cut out skeletons or paper witches around my place. I hope you have a great Halloween.

    -John Wolfe


  2. Hi John
    Thanks for your comment. I agree.There is a charm in cardboard skeletons and paper witches but it's just not for me either. It's funny, Halloween is a selfish effort so I can get creative with the decorating.
    The icing on the cake is the kid's and the neighborhood enjoy too. Love your website. I'll be checking in now often. Hope you visit my blog as well as more and more Halloween decor updates will be there in the next couple of months.