Two Monsters...

by Devin and Dave - crayon on paper, 2007

This was a nice moment. Niece Devin came over today for a couple of hours while her parents had things to do. Near the end of her visit, we sat together at my drafting table discussing what to do next. I started to doodle a monster. She just jumped in and started to color it. We didn't talk about what we were drawing. We talked about other stuff. The drawing just happened, she added feet while I added the horns and so on. As I drew the curly tail of the thin monster, Devin leaned her head on my shoulder and placed her little hand on my forearm watching. In that brief second all was right in the world. She then added the curly stick arms. Soon, we both just put the crayons down at the same time, without a word, the work was finished.

"Can I open those Star Wars toys"? she then asked.

So ended the nice moment as I tried explaining to Devin what "mint" condition means.

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