Saturday Morning Video.

Is it me or is there a Paul McCartney "musical genius" parade going on over his latest album? Maybe it's just local Los Angeles TV and radio hype.

I don't want to rain on this parade. I'm a fan....

I will argue till my forehead veins swell and my head implodes with anyone that does not think every single song recorded by the Beatles is a classic. I will be the first to hold up early Wings albums as musical milestones.

His old music might be musical genius.


I can't shake the feeling John Lennon was a big part of it. I point out this later "post John" classic by Paul...

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  1. Well, now I know you are meant for Sondra, and will fit in with the Ascolis. In Paul's defense "Spies Like Us" was written for movie of the same name. Akroid and Murray , who's names I'm sure I spelled wrong, asked him to do it because they're all buddies.About 3 people saw the movie before it went to video.