Spring has Sprung!

Spring has arrived in our backyard and with it the blooming of our mystery plant. No one remembers buying it or planting it. It grows from a cheap plastic pot on the patio.

Year one, it was a sad tropical looking plant with drooping long leaves. Year two, it sprouted 2 beautiful blooms. The blooms faded and died in just a few days before I had a chance to research what plant it was. It's probably something common that I'll feel stupid learning many people have.

This year, it's exploding with blooms. I've been Google image searching with no results. I'm going to take these pictures to a nursery this weekend for answers. In the meantime if anyone knows, tell me!

I'm no botanist, but I'm pretty sure it may be an amazonian human face eating annual...or I hope it's something exotic like that.

UPDATE! My sister Monica and brother in Law Kirk say it might be a "naked lady" lily, could be and best suggestion so far!


  1. It looks like a Stargazer Lily crossed with an Easter Lily.

  2. "MOM! Dave's photographing naked ladies on his back porch!"

  3. It's an amarylis. :-)

    A very nice one, too.