RISD 20 Years ago - Flashback Friday

Again a senior year tale from late 1986. I was taking a class called "wrap arounds". Basically it focused on illustrating covers that wrapped around things...books, albums, etc.

One fun assignment was to do an album cover for the next critique and bring the music as well to play. The class would have to pick which cover was to which music or song. To make it more challenging we were encouraged not do any straight musician portraits.

I really procrastinated on this one, I could not decide what to do. Then in a desperate night before fevered effort to have something. I recorded some Aretha, B.B. King and such at 72 r.p.m. (fast speed for those who don't remember turn tables) giving them that silly chipmunk sound.

I presented this the next day...

Well once my turn came and the high pitched, squeaky ...R-E-S-P-E-C-T...played everyone had a laugh and I actually got a great critique.

I've had painful lessons from doing poor last minute work and still to this day get myself into binds, but sometimes, just sometimes, a decent idea and a weird zombie like focus can hit at the zero hour.


  1. Hey, am I having a False Memory, or do I recall that you were into The Blues Brothers, and maybe... even... dressed up like one of them at one time or another???

  2. I'm not a "last minute" person at all, but I *do* feel like ideas, when executed at the last minute, have often had time to ripen. That sometimes procrastination is simply Research & Development working in the brain.

  3. I am not encouraging procrastination, but I think a last minute job allows you to be free of self-criticism. You are willing to let go of the little mistakes and move on. Something I think in an era in which everything created on computers is sorely lacking. Having the ability to erase things so easily destroys any chance of a happy mistake.