RISD 20 Years ago - (belated) Flashback Friday #4

Due to an early morning wake up and long work day yesterday I just didn't feel like typing anything last night (even my finger tips were sore and tired). I'll get back on track next week.

But for this flashback a simple one.

A few of my friends ( including 2 roommates) in college were architectural majors. I would go cross eyed trying to look at and understand all the drafting they had going on. I would always be grateful my chosen course of study, illustration, did not require texts of technical data to study.

God's little joke, 20 years later, is I fall into work designing sets that requires knowing all that stuff. I was even "let go" on my first day from the volunteer scenery dept. of my high school play when I did not know what a 10 penny nail was (another ironic moment).

Although what I do requires far simpler plans and the tech stuff can be helped using a good carpenter or scenery shop, there have been some long nights in the past trying to figure this stuff out myself.

I wish I took more interest in my room mates work instead of smirking happy I was drawing cute animals.

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  1. Now, now, don't sell yourself too short...
    Capturing the Ultimate Fluffiness in a bunny rabbit tail is not something that even the BRAVEST architect would attempt.