Family Fun Minutes

This e-mail just arrived from Dave Landsness, producer of the Family Fun segments I posted about here, titled - 3 am googly eyes and pom poms.

The new segments are up and Dave gave a nice "shout out" to those involved...

"Take some time today to check out The FamilyFun Minute, our latest original video series now playing on FamilyFun TV:

In just a minute, each webisode will show you how to transform an everyday item – paper, googly eyes, cereal boxes, clay, egg cartons, pipe cleaners, cardboard tubes, felt & more – into 3 fun craft projects kids will love.

Special thanks to the editorial/design teams, Screen Door Entertainment, Lee Woodruff, Dave Lowe, Dave Garrison, Deanna Cook & Metro Encoding for helping to take a simple concept and turn it into state-of-the-art video that looks fantastic, leverages the latest technology – shot in High Definition..."

So, as Dave wrote, take some time and check them out. The projects are from the cutting edge in crafts, a little cheesy and painfully cute... but that's not a bad thing to have in a little kid's life for awhile.

I want to give an additional nod to Andri Silanandra, my reliable old co- worker and friend for helping me make all the projects needed (although simple but numerous) in the short turn around time.

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  1. hi dave, just dropping by to say HI!!!! don't ever forget that you ROCK!! hope you are living the glittery life!!
    kathy :-)
    (aka: glitter dumper)