Am I Crazy?

A friend stopped by my office/studio. He asked, pointing at some of the paints on a shelf...

"What's with the upside down thing"?

I explained that all the tops are often the same color. The colors are easier seen upside down...

I've had the "upside down thing" pointed out by numerous people as odd over the years, even from experienced artistic types. My reasons make sense to me and surprised is such a surprise to others I crazy?


  1. Nope, not crazy. I do the same thing. It also keeps the skin that sometimes forms on the top of the paint from clogging the squirt top.

    Just makes sense :o)

  2. Also not crazy cuz the paint comes out easily, without the disgusting pppbbbfffttt of air.
    You might make converts of us all, Dave!

  3. Totally smart! And it makes a nice photo! My mom always put her markers upside down to keep them from drying out, she said. That's what your image reminds me of.