The Spirit Cave.

1997. Here is a coversation from that summer as best as I remember it...

"I'd like you to design a set for us."
"It would be for a local public television channel and would feature a ballet with traditional Native American music and dance."
"Alright, sure. That's interesting"
" would have to be a very large set. There are 15 or so dancers and maybe 10 musicians?"
"That should be no problem."
"It's scripted as being in a ...uh...large spirit cave sort of setting."
"WOW! This sounds fun to do!"
"Yes, but...ummm..uh, here's the thing...we would need it this weekend."
"Yea, and's sort of a benefit performance so we only have $500.00 total to make it."
"Yea...uhhhh...can you do it?"

Here's what you can make with some old set walls and paint lying around a studio, promises of beer to friends for help, $100.00 worth of prop making materials and $400.00 worth of butcher paper...

Click on pictures to enlarge.


  1. Cool!

    I'm sure it takes a lot more creativity (and profanity) to make something to such impossible specs....

  2. Dave Lowe's Indian name should be, "Dances With No Budget And Makes Brilliant Stuff."

    It's rad, Dave.

  3. Man! You're a genious! What a awesome idea and great work of art.
    Love Karene (Paola's Best Friend)