Have You Seen Me?

Petty theft came to Halloweentown sometime yesterday. Our "house number" zombie was stolen. It hurts. I really liked this guy. I made it easy for the thief ... the base, tombstone and zombie were all one piece. I could be flattered because it means someone liked it a lot. But it hurts.

Not that it's the greatest work I've ever done, but I do take time to create these things, it's not something I can shop at Target to replace. It's crazy I know but as I make these I create little back stories and personalities for them in my head. By the time they are displayed they have become characters to me in a unwritten story.

After 3 years of decorating the lawn in this neighborhood without incident I now have no trust anymore. That hurts worse.

1 comment:

  1. Bummer!!!!!!!!!! >:-(

    Sometimes when things around here get stolen, an article in the paper will bring them back. You've probably already thought of seeing if your paper will do a story.